Mrs Nellie Murphy

Storyteller, Fishmonger, Street Seller, Performer, Woman About Town

Mrs. ‘Nellie Murphy’ hails from the Coombe, Dublin.  A well respected seller of sports and haddock for many’s the year, she survived her late husband Eddie, and later in life moved to Seattle, to be near her son Tommy. There again she scraped the scales at the Pike Fish-market. 

It was by chance, and a double gin, that she accidentally signed up for the wrong evening class; thus was born Nellie’s new passion – Erotic Writing For The Elderly Lady.

She performed regularly in the Burlesque and Bingo circles to critical acclaim, and was a regular MC at the famous Pink Door in Seattle. Nellie returned to Ireland in 2008 for a ‘knees up’ and decided to make it a long stay.  Since returning she has performed her poems and stories at diverse locations such as the Ranelagh Arts Festival, Galway Culture Night, Sheehan’s Pub and of course her infamous ‘opium set’ at Electric Picnic. Nellie’s short story ‘only the lonely’ win joint first place in the Eamonn Kelly Memorial Storytelling Award at Listowel Writers’ Week.  Nellie has appeared in her own spin-off series – ‘Nellisodes’, for the Westport-based online soap ‘Covies’.  She is the resident host of the Matchmaking events at TEDFEST on the Aran Islands.  Nellie has been seen, of late, warming the chair at many storytelling events (for young and old!) around the country. Her stories for little people include improvised tales, classic tales, and original gems like ‘Mrs. O’Flaherty’s Farting Chimney’!

Nellie is delighted to be doing a bit of art and chat,  and is available for select theatrical, posh, or fundraising events, as long as there is a generous drink ticket arrangement and someone nice to have a chat with. Mrs. Nellie Murphy is equal parts comedy, pathos, joy, erotica and train wreck!

Her observations on life and love are from the heart, while seen through the lens of a strange gin filled rose glass vase, that one might find on a prop list from The Antiques Roadshow.  Nellie’s work as erotic poetess is heavily influenced by the work of; Pam Eyres, Dorothy Parker and Benny Hill.  She is equally at home MCing a corporate fashion show, performing poetry at a burlesque evening, or messing with the A listers in the Press Tent at Electric Picnic. Nellie’s banter and unique take on life may reduce you to tears – both kinds! Mrs Nellie Murphy is real…edgy with heart.  Less malice, more malaprop.

“Genius in Pink” – Seattle Review

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Some past dates with Nellie:

  • Tedfest Inis Mór (Various)
  • Tedfest London (Various)
  • ​Tedfest Edinburgh Fringe.
  • Milk & Cookies Secret Garden Storytelling Festival 2012
  • Spirit of Folk Festival 2012
  • Knockanstockan Festival, Wicklow Ireland (various)
  • Secret Garden Festival
  • Kilmainham Arts Festival
  • Electric Picnic (Various)
  • Body and Soul Festival, Ballinlough, Ireland (Various)
  • Milk and Cookies Storytelling Night – Dublin
  • Baboró Festival, Galway
  • Ranelagh Arts Festival (Various)
  • Sligo Live Festival
  • Studio Show Series, Dublin
  • Ranelagh Christmas Festival Dublin
  • Culture Night, Galway (Various)
  • Arcana Corporate
  • Cellusys Corporate
  • Green Village Festival
  • Temple House Festival (Various)
  • Galway Access Music Project Fundraiser

Contact Nellie: 

tel:  +353 86 031 9224